03 April 2010

Independence Days, Year 3, Week 4... a bit late

A few days late... but I've been sick... that's not against the rules, right?

1. Plant something – Transplanted like crazy: peppers (3 types), tomatoes (2 types), basil, squash/melons (2 types), onions, um, well, it felt like transplanting craziness...

2. Harvest something - Harvested some of the green onions that keep growing, since I never pulled up the onion.... Continued to take cuttings of herbs.

3. Preserve something – I've been working on herbal medicine from some fresh/dried things; it's not really preserving something, but learning how to preserve things when I grow them... For me, it's a step in the right direction. Froze leftovers a couple of times...

4. Waste Not– Compost turns into garden produce right... Took a bunch of the jersey knit cotton (e.g. tee-shirt) scraps from the scrap/small pieces bin and turned them into hankies in just enough time... ugh....

5. Want Not – Decided to buy bulk used towels for messy projects - mainly dog-related. Found a bag that had the right color sticker - 7 rag towels for $2.50 plus tax, and frankly, two of those towels are in better condition that some of our shower towels... Made a concentrated effort to eat leftovers EVERY DAY for most of the week (until the sickness came over). Went a little wild with the 50% off organic lite coconut milk sale... what can I say, we love curry.

6. Build Community Food Systems – Continued working with hubby to come up with ways to convince in-laws to allow chickens at their place... We have a corner lot, they have an acre. We have a ferocious dog, they have a docile cat. We're in city limits, they're county... For now, we continue buying and bartering for truly free-range eggs from a co-worker of B's that are NUMMY!

7. Eat the Food – who doesn't like garlic, onions, and herbs?! Oh, and ate leftovers, stuff from the freezer,

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