15 July 2009

Naked Dog Update

So, we've figured out what Jessi-Lou is allergic to - mosquitoes! I slathered her up pretty well on the 4th, but she still got bit once on the head, which turned into an ugly spot. She then got bit again on the side (we actually killed the bugger that got her... while it was on her...), and it's been bothering her for a few days. Her hair is growing back in nicely, but she still looks somewhat pathetic.

Independence Days.... um.... yeah... I've transplanted more peppers and tomatoes, but need to transplant more... and we ate the first ripe tomato yesterday at dinner. Jessi actually pulled it off a plant and it ripened in the window, but it still counts (and it was still better than the store-bought one we used with it). There are two more tomatoes turning reddish - one will be ready in a few days, the other one might be a week or so. We also used quite a bit of parsley for goodies over the weekend of the 4th. One of these days, I'll catch up and write the actual post to go with this...


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