21 July 2009


This morning's photos are of the house we are staying at, mainly the front grounds and the fauna. There are quite a few wild animals that come to the house; we've had cats, "cardinal" birds, chickens, cockroaches, dragonflies, all manner of bugs, and, of course, geckos. There are reports that wild turkeys will come in the house if you leave the screens (see first two pictures below) open. Click on any of the pictures to have them shown full size. The following photo was taken from the plantation style front porch, looking toward the ocean (the blue behind the foliage toward the middle of the picture... behind the pool).

The following is a picture of the entrance to the house. Next, a view from the living room, looking through the screens to the porch - you can see the columns at the edge of the porch.

Pineapple, anyone?

More later... either this evening or tomorrow morning...


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