05 January 2008

So, B and I Watched An Inconvenient Truth...

I have always loved driving manual transmission vehicles. I don't really know why. I do know that they tend to have slightly better fuel economy. What I recently learned here, is that my manual transmission vehicle (versus the same car, but with an automatic transmission) reduces my CO2 output TEN PERCENT! TEN PERCENT! If I switched to a Prius, my CO2 output would decrease by 41%!!!!

So, Erika's Random Link of the Week is this. It's the companion site to An Inconvenient Truth. I will admit something... For a guy with a lousy, no-good, make-me-want-to-wash-my-hands-in-bleach handshake, Al Gore presents a pretty water-tight case.

Check out my "Ya' Gotta Watch This" section. I have never been as disgusted as I was watching the link to a certain animal rights organization's video about where meat comes from. Unfortunately, the same story is corroborated in several other places. On a happy note... Places like this treat their animals appropriately and sell very nummy milk, cheese, and butter!


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Anonymous said...

Well, at least you are starting to see the light with Mr. Gore!!! It is unfortunate that you still cant see beyond your republican ideals however and make such comments about his hand shakes...Hopefully with this new year and this new ray of light for you, you will be on a positive road to becoming a democrat....:)