09 January 2008

Just for You!

I have always been petrified of ending up with crazy-psycho-nut case-in-laws. I was more nervous meeting B's parents than I was meeting him (a very long story) - just because of my fear of said in-laws. For all I knew, his mom could be like Jane Fonda in Monster in Law. Or his dad could be just plain nuts - the should-be-strapped-down-to-a-table-&-have-electroshock-therapy kind of NUTS. Thankfully, my in-laws aren't crazy. They do some weird things, but no where near the "crazy-psycho-nut case-in-laws" I'm afraid of.

One of the things they do that I find extremely odd (which really isn't THAT odd), is that their visits to cemeteries are more frequent than my bi-monthly water bill. My mother-in-law and I have frequent "discussions" about how disgusting and creepy I find their little habit to be - I think she really enjoys watching me squirm at the thought of cemeteries at night. I really mean NO disrespect to those whom they are visiting (or anyone else), but I just find frequent visits to cemeteries pretty creepy. Don't even get me started on my reaction when my in-laws told B and me that they had purchased cemetery plots for themselves already.

I just had to laugh when I came across this post over at Crunchy Chicken's place. Well said!


P.S. This post is dedicated to my mother-in-law :-) (For those of you wondering why - I refer you back to the second sentence in the second paragraph above...)

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