13 September 2007

Thursday the 13th...

This picture was taken back in 2004 while I was hiking at Mt. Baker. It's here simply because I'm having fun with high speed internet!

This was the last day in the fourth teacher's class I've been in at KMS. It would be a very tough decision if subject matter wasn't a factor. However, it will still be a difficult decision even considering there is only one teacher that is teaching science (no math teachers...).

Jessi Marie had to go to the vet today. Poor puppy woke up yesterday with TONS of eye goo, today, I had to hold a wet rag on her eye to help her open it. In addition to getting drugs for her eye, she also got her shots. Poor, Poor Puppy... Did I mention she gave B a hard time when he took her to the vet!? She wouldn't go in the door, didn't make B very happy.

Off to make dinner... joy... Oh, thanks again Mom for highspeed!


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