17 September 2007


Just another picture from my portfolio, just 'cause I can...

For all of you wondering how school's going... I've been placed! I'm in a 6th grade Language Arts classroom. The other two post-bac students were also placed in 6th grade - one in Language Arts (the other "team"), and the other on the same team I'm on, but in the Social Studies class (so we share the same students).

My challenge for myself for this week is to set some realistic and semi-concrete goals for how I want to use technology in "my" classroom. The team I'm on has expressed how thankful they are that they have two "techy" post-bacs in their classrooms, and they would like us to incorporate technology in their classrooms this year.

My first thoughts are iMovies, typing classes (mundane, I know, but some of these kids have NO typing skills), and blogs. I'll update my "realistic and semi-concrete" goals soon... :-)

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