10 September 2007

It's FAST!

I'm posting this picture just because I can. Previous pictures took more than 20 minutes to upload, this took less than 7 seconds! Thank you mom, for high speed internet!

I called B from the bus station today... and our cable modem came today! I was so excited the whole ride home... I talked to H and we planned on chatting at the "watering" hole at nine tonight... well, let's just say that B and my first experience with high speed was amazing... we were giggling like small children, completely unaware of the time. When H called at 8:58, I felt awful, but then she told me she wasn't there yet either.

Anyway, B and I had SO much fun on youtube.com, I really liked the pit bull video - explaining how pit bulls are what you make of them - if you treat them like any other dog, they'll be as sweet as can be, but if you abuse them and teach them to fight, they'll do just that - respond to abuse by fighting. If you know Mrs. Wigglesnort, you also may see glimpses of her in the pit bull video... something we should watch on the days when we doubt her make up. Anyway... check it out here.

In other news... I just started another book, Autumn Blue by Karen Harter. Heather is letting me borrow her copy (got it tonight). I read the first four pages (out loud), and after the first paragraph, I knew I'd be up all night reading it... I can already see myself standing at the kitchen sink, washing a cereal bowl, looking longingly out the window past the grasses behind the trailer...

I've gotta get back to one/some/all of the following: sleep, shower, book, youtube, homework, etc. :-)


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