17 August 2007

Yesterday's concert...

So, B and I went to the fair - in Lynden, WA - to see my FAVORITE band, Third Day, yesterday. They were awesome! There was a big tadoo about who was sitting in what row (good grief, can't we all just find a seat and sit?!), but other than that, a wonderful day at the fair!

As we were leaving, we decided to go through the dairy building one more time, hoping to find a nice cow to take a picture of for one of B's co-workers, but we didn't find one. We were about to leave when we passed a large pen where there was a new calf and his momma - and B didn't believe me when I told him the little guy had to have been born while we were in the concert. Another onlooker said he was about an hour old. We stood by and watched him take some first steps and look for momma's milk; which he finally found after trying her neck, legs, and chest.

More later - with pics!


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