21 August 2007

The Continuing Adventures of Actually Girl and Annoying Boy...

B, Jessi, and I left Friday, just after four in the afternoon, for Oly. Needless to say, that wasn't my fastest trip down there. Friday night was poker night with Mom and J, Saturday's highlight was the family BBQ - and B's "keg..." Sunday was spent at yet another family BBQ. Welcome home to M and S!

So a little rant for ya'll... I was channel surfing (yet another reason why we should get rid of cable - what a waste of time!), and I happened upon Dr. 90210... some doc was getting rid of the breast tissue of a "female to male" transgendered patient. As the doc was closing his incisions, he said that the patient's nipple was too feminine (camera zooms in, but the image is blurred out), so he was going to take a slice out of it. Before the slice is even completely gone, the blurring goes away! So my question is this (let's just ignore the whole transgender issue for this one), when is a nipple "acceptable" or not? If it's a masculine looking one, it's okay, even though the biology says it's still a girl's nipple? And a girl's nipple is unacceptable because..... Oh, wait, they're a sexual item, so women need to keep them to themselves, especially in stores where skimpy and revealing lingere are sold, eventhough their baby is hungry and wants to be fed. Wait a minute... None of this makes sense?!?! I KNOW (can you taste the sarcasm yet?), We'll fix this one easy - Only SELL girl nipples at sex stores and have MEN breastfeed, that way they won't offend anyone when their little one is hungry in public.
Okay... I'm off my soapbox... HA!

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