15 August 2007

How big are two zucchini???

Well, the two I grated and froze made FIFTEEN CUPS! Plus a whole load of seed. I'm going to try saving it for next year and sprouting it before the garden is planted, just incase it doesn't work...

As for other things I'd like to do to become more "green" (I'm starting to not like this term - kind of like "religious" - can't stand that term either). Every time I get in my car, I make sure I'm completely ready to go before I start it; oh, and I'm trying to make sure I take as few trips as possible. I think one big thing that could be classified as "green" is vegetarianism. It takes so many resources to make one pound of meat, and when you look at the differences between one pound of non-meat food versus one pound of meat food, you get more/variety of nutrients, more fiber, etc. and you don't contribute negatively to the environment as you would with the meat - plants don't make massive amounts of waste, and they don't require a secondary crop just to feed them. It's not that I'm against cows or chickens or anyone who eats them, I just think that it's a more environmentally sound choice to eat a (local/organic) vegetarian diet compared to eating a diet that includes meat. There is a whole other arena of organic/free range meat options that I won't even get into - 1. I don't know that much about them and 2. since I'm veg. I really am not in a position to make any sort of decision on it at this point.


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