13 August 2007

Green? Well, Trying...

I guess I've always had a tendancy towards becoming green... I was one of those recycle nazis in elementary and middle school. Now, as an ::: gulp ::: adult, I have decided that I really do want to become more green and reduce my carbon footprint.

I've started with some small changes. All clothes are washed in cold water, and I'm currently using "Planet" detergent, and gathering the formulas and guts to make my own. I've also installed a clothesline! OOH, OOH, OOH, there it is in living color! At first B wasn't too keen on having his skivies out for the world to see. Once he realized that our tall fence guarded his unmentionables from neighbor's eyes, he was okay with it.

I also just bought my first bottle of "green" dish soap. We still have about 10 ounces left of the other stuff, but it doesn't work well and it stinks. As for dishwasher soap - we have more than a bucket left before we run out. Hopefully that will last 'till I get a real job.

I'm also trying to warm B up to the idea of using rain barrels. He likes the idea of a less expensive water bill, but his comment went something like "I don't want to have a gigantic blue tub dominating the backyard in all it's ugliness, come on!"

That's going to be it for this installment... I heard somewhere that I'm long winded and need to break it up a bit.

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