04 July 2008

Independence Day News...

Not that there is anything special about my news today... it's just news. Headline: the MacBook I've been jonesing for, for months finally materialized today! In other news: THREE DAY WEEKEND!!! Booring middle story: The most pressing homework I have for this weekend is to draw something with the theme of "Zebra and Shoes" for my art class... Sad news: For those that haven't heard yet, my grandfather passed away last week. Closing news: Jessi Marie is becoming a pansy. She's never been afraid of thunder or fireworks, and last night, I had to give her "pet rescue remedy" 'cause of the thunder and fireworks. Note: do NOT give Mrs. Wigglesnort the full dose of "pet rescue remedy" unless you are prepared to CARRY her everywhere - I've never seen a drunk dog, but watching her last night... makes it nary a stretch to imagine one.


P.S. I've been waiting to say this: made on a mac


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