14 January 2008

Spoiled or Neglected Puppy?

I'll try to be nice about this, but there's really no way around it. The Friday evening conversation went something very much like this:
E: "B, Are you going to Costco this weekend?"
B: "Hadn't planned on it."
E: "Mrs. Wigglesnort needs food."
B: "I'll get there sometime this week."
E: "She won't make it beyond Monday's dinner."
B: "YEAH, fine, I'll get her food, now leave me alone."
E: "I can go tomorrow on the way home from my test."
B: "NO.... I'll get it."
E: "Are you sure?"
B: "What did I say? I'll get her food, okay!"
E: "Thanks, remember she needs it by Monday night."
B: "Got it."

Fast forward to Monday night (tonight):
E: "Did you go to Costco?"
B: "WHY would I have gone to Costco?"
E: "To get Jessi food. She doesn't have enough for breakfast."
B: "Why didn't you tell me?"
E: "I did. You said you'd get it."
B: "You're imagining things. Give her some lunch meat or something."
E: "Where is it?"
B: "IN THE FRIDGE, where else would you put it?"
E: "I don't know, I don't eat it."
B: "This fridge is way too full, you should clean it out."
E: "Are you going to remember to get Jessi some dog food tomorrow? She doesn't even have enough for dinner tonight."
B: "Yeah, whatever." (walks away)

So... this is what Jessi had for dinner tonight:So, what do you think, spoiled or neglected?



Erika said...

By the way, Jessi's dinner was a thinly sliced roast beef, delicately torn into bite size pieces, gently scrambled extra-extra-large (double yolked!) egg, about 1/2 of the kibble left, garnished with a dollop of yogurt and a pita sliced in quarters.

Anonymous said...

Basically - Totally Spoiled - Just like "B"

So my question is why isn't "E" spoiled by "B"? Does "B" not know what he has with "E" and Mrs. Wigglesnort??? He better wake up and smell the roast beef!