20 January 2008

Link of the Week

Do you trust the government? I don't.

Certain folks say I'm becoming militant. I disagree. How do you act when your health and safety is in question? Okay, maybe I agree - I am becoming militant, but I think it's healthy. :-)

On a brighter note, Mrs. Wigglesnort got to play with Mr. Baby K (Kalani) this weekend, and both of them are passed out under my feet as I type this.


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Green Bean said...


Thanks for dropping by my blog! Hey, we like to read the same stuff - blogs and books. :) My bookshelf looks the same as yours.

And, no, I don't trust the govt. Thanks for the link. I've never read that before but love Joel Salatain when I read about Polyface in Ominvore's Dilemma.

Anyway, you mentioned, on my blog, that home brewer's like wine bottles. How do I get them to them? Freecycle? A special site or something? We go through a lot of those (blush).