09 December 2007

Finals Week, etc.

Finals week for Fall 2007 is here... ACK. I have a big project for my science class that was half done, then I decided to change the topic yesterday. All I have left to do are add some goals and make it look pretty! I think (hope), everything else is pretty much done.

As for Mrs. Wigglesnort, her new nickname, Princess Goopeyeye, is starting to fit once more. It's not nearly as bad as before Dr. C. flushed out her eyes, but it's certainly not normal. She doesn't seem to mind. She's been busy chewing off the box that B and his dad built to cover a faucet (they knew she'd eat up the Styrofoam kind), chewing up anything else we leave out in HER backyard. After the storm (the one that flooded most of the South Sound), the weather guys said it was not windy, and about twenty minutes later, her kennel blew over. She seems to think this is great - we can't put her up!

In other news, the Christmas Tree is up. It's a pre-lit tree, which basically is a sales ploy. "We've already put the lights on here, so you don't have to!" That really means that they've put green wires on a green tree and marked them with green print on green paper to tell you where they go. So far, only the bottom 1/5 of the tree is lit.

That's a lot of writing. Time for a *new* feature!!! Erika's Random Link of the Week! This week's link is in tribute to all those people who think "OH, CRAP, Erika's a vegetarian psychopath, isn't she!" Granted, I'm not a vegan, but this blog is worth the recognition. "What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway" is this week's Random Link of the Week! It features pictures and recipes of daily eats of a couple of vegans!

Maybe my link of the week will turn into something more frequent, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.


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