29 August 2007

Back to School

My last day of "summer." POOHEY! I've gotta meet K for carpool at six thirty in the morning - about three hours after my usual bed time. It's gonna be a LONG day! We'll have four days with our cooperating teachers, then the kiddos start school next week. I'm half excited and half terrified - the "2nd" graders I had this summer were cruel, so how cruel can 6th, 7th, and 8th graders be!?!?! In other news, Mrs. Wigglesnort is going to have a long day as well - I don't think she's been in her kennel with the door closed at all since summer quarter finished. I guess she'll have to get used to drinking out of a bowl instead of her faucet. HA!

I have about twenty hours of stuff I want to do, and I should be heading to bed in six or seven hours... so I should quit procrastinating and get to work.

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