17 November 2008


Beware, what follows is a rant.

When you decide that you want to publish something on the world wide web, please, please, please ensure the following:
1. You have used appropriate English grammar when writing in English - this includes capitalization, punctuation, appropriate tenses, adjectives for nouns, adverbs for verbs, etc.
2. You spell words correctly and only use appropriate abbreviations (see below)
3. You read what you wrote before you publish it
4. During your re-read, you catch and fix any errors you find
5. Do not disable commenting if you are just tired of hearing about how poor your writing is - FIX IT!

Appropriate Abbreviations
1. Anything found in the dictionary
2. Internet shorthand - e.g. LOL (laughing out loud), POS (parents over shoulder), BRB (be right back), BTW (by the way)etc.
3. Note that errors in spelling are NOT abbreviations: "cuz" should only be used when writing a quote of how your cousin greeted you - "My cousin, Joe, walked up and said, 'Hey, cuz, howzit goin'?'" "Ur" is a city in Iraq, not any form of "you are." "Im" is a giant in Norse Mythology - not any way to say "I am." "B4" is a vitamin, adenine, not the way we tell someone that something happened prior to something else. I could continue with the examples, but I'm just making myself mad.

I am a horrible speller, and if I can learn to use spellcheck (hint - firefox has it as a part of its browser functions!) and a dictionary, you can too!


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Anonymous said...

so this is definately in response to the txts i have sent you - huh....