22 November 2008

New Header and Making Butter

I was getting kinda frustrated, seeing a big sunflower as my blog's header, given that it's November... so the new header is the chicken coop at my grandmother's place. :-)

So, on to making butter. I use a mason jar with a "recycled" lid (a.k.a. a lid that's already been used for canning) and heavy cream from Golden Glen Creamery (Bow, WA) or Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy (Lynden, WA). A pint of cream fits well in a quart jar, since you need plenty of room for agitation.
Next step... SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE.... Your next product will be whipping cream (if you want to stop here, you should add vanilla extract and sugar before you shake).
Keep shaking... and you will feel the butter and buttermilk separate.I didn't continue taking pictures, 'cause my hands were messy... and I really do try to keep my camera clean... but drain the buttermilk and rinse the cheese in cool water until it runs clear, then do it some more. Salt it if you want, and store in the fridge. :-)


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LisaZ said...

I love that old chicken coop photo.

Came over from Sharon's blog...