12 September 2008

That Darling Dog

Mrs. Jessi Marie Wigglesnort Queen III is a royal pain in the arse sometimes. For example, the neighbors are fixing up the outside of their house (new siding, replacing windows, painting, etc.). Apparently, Ms. JMWQIII doesn't agree with their choice of hired hands, so she barks. And barks. And barks. What's worse - one of the "hired hands" is one of our other neighbors. I'm trying to teach her to only bark when someone is of a real threat (a.k.a. in our yard, trying to get into our yard, not just someone in the neighbor's yard...), but that's not working out too well.

Ms. JMWQIII is currently serving time in her crate for barking... for the fifth time today - and she's only been up since 9:45! (less than 3 hours!) I guess I should go let her out and see if she's figured out that barking at the painter = "go home" (her command to go into her crate) and no play time.

Darling... adorable... Jessi.

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Tenacious Tess said...

Your dog is beautiful. Thanks for the Starbucks info. I can remember going to one when I was sixteen that always had the "for here" cups and that was all they offered when you wanted to drink in house but after a few years they dropped them (or so I thought) Thanks to your info I shall now be requesting them from now on and be more green!