06 August 2008

The End of Things...

Things that have ended for me in the last two months (in no particular order):
1. The post-bac elementary education program - I was sick the last day :-( but it's over! I'm done, my teaching certificate will be in the mail when grades are in for the quarter!
2. My grandfather passed away on 25 June. Read his obituary here. What a horrible disease, Alzheimer's, the thought of it actually makes me angry. There was so much more to his life than what he suffered through in the last several years.
3. If #1 is true, I'm officially unemployed. (Yes, Dad, I'm looking for a job.)
4. Again, if #1 is true, I'm done with a gnarly commute. Riding the bus and carpooling certainly had their benefits, but I'd much rather not have to do either (translation - I want to walk or bike to work - meaning work needs to be closer!)
5. My physical addiction to coffee. Yes, this has a lot to do with #1, however, since I was sick on the last day of school, and my last coffee was the day before - Wednesday, by Friday, I was going through serious withdrawals (I talk like I was on something other than caffeine...). Poor B. He put up with so much of my sniveling! 'I have a headache, but I can't take anything!' 'I'm hungry, but I don't want to eat,' 'Don't touch me; will you rub my shoulders; leave me alone; I need a hug...' What a trooper.
6. The one I've been putting off - the end of my excuses for not blogging.

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