08 July 2007

With A K

I lurk in enough blogs, I guess I should start one for myself. I have no idea what I'm doing, what my theme will be, or why I am deciding to start this with my proverbial plate full already, but here goes.

Why is it "spelledwithak?" Easy - my name is spelled with a K. Not a C, not a CK. ERICA is a nice way to spell it, as ERICKA, ERYKAH, ARICA, and ERYCA are as well, but those are not on my birth certificate. My name is ERIKA, spelled with a K.

I best be getting back to my paper that is due in the morning.



Hillary said...

Hey not to worry, blogs are interesting and a good way to stay in contact. So how is it going?
Did I tell you (forever ago) that I'm leaving the country in two months? Any suggestions for non luxury life? And by the way, how are you?

With A K... said...

Hillary - I'm in school full time now, and I'm just BUSY. Nothing around it, unlike my undergrad, full time IS FULL TIME.
Where are you going?!?!? As for suggestions for non luxury life - get off caffeine ASAP - no coffee, soda, etc. 'cause if you can't find it where ever you are going, you'll have a headache from caffeine withdrawl, and you won't need that on top of traveling too. Do tell where you're going and why!!