17 July 2007

My observations of things "childlike…"

I had a student today who was reading me his paragraph about his mom. About half way through his paragraph, I realized he was saying everything correctly, but his ENTIRE paragraph lacked vowels. My mm s nce. Sh wrks n th nws. Sh lvs m. Instead of My mom is nice. She works on the news. She loves me.

I listened to a friend's problem, she wouldn't share details, but I got the 'jist of it. Basically, a group of people said some really mean things to her face about her, and she responded how most people would if that happened to them, and they went and told whoever they thought would "correct" her.

Jessi really just wanted to play fetch while my husband and I were eating dinner on the patio. her intense look and repetitive whimpers, along with the occasional pawing motion made us want to throw her ball, but we had to wait, if only for the principle of it.

I saw in myself today, this brief glimpse of a childlike faith. A resounding comfort within my soul. For the briefest moment, I KNEW that nothing on this Earth really mattered. I had complete faith that God will take care of everything. I can't say that I believe this still, but that's only because I still get nervous about things (projects, papers, mountains of reading for school, etc.). I know in my brain that God already has next week, month, and year taken care of, but I guess I try to take just a little of that responsibility back. I’m still learning where that fine line between completely trusting God and working hard on the life God has given me is.

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