10 July 2007

Heat wave

I'm trying my best to not complain about the heat. It's really not THAT hot... it was 96 degrees when I left my last class today. It is effecting everyone: we had impromptu presentations this afternoon, and nearly everyone was struggling with reading and creating unique sentences. But again, I'm trying not to complain. Tomorrow will be even warmer, and I'm determined to keep mum about things like sweat, stickiness, and warmth.

In other news, a (soon to be) 3rd grader and I had a very interesting conversation after he saw my left foot (YES, I was actually wearing real SHOES!). His eyes got very wide, "Is that real, like a really real tattoo?!" I told him it was, "So it's not just marker?" Nope, it's real. "Um, does your mom know you have a tattoo on your FOOT?" At this point I had to remind both of us that we needed to be quiet and that he had a writing test to work on. Oh, mom, you DO know that I have a tattoo on my FOOT, right????


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